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Coventry Manufactured Movements - as signed by the Coventry maker

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1 Adam Burdess, Coventry, 16653: a fusee movement with a finely engraved balance cock, a split-bimetallic balance,  traditional Bosley regulation regulation with Coventry midway mark to the index,  the 16 size frame stamped JW, for John  Wycherley. Adam Burdess is recorded at 19, Butts, Coventry in 1868, then Dover House, Holyhead Road, Coventry from 1872 on. He  registered a patent, number 2286, in 1869 for keyless winding utilizing a lever attached to the winding arbor and coming through  the case, along with a form of keyless hand-setting with a wheel on the edge of the dial.  2 Adam Burdess, Coventry, 25327: a fusee movement with a finely engraved cock, split-bimetallic balance and a traditional  Bosley regulation with Coventry midway mark to the index, the size 14 frame stamped JW for Wycherley, with a dust cap stamped  W&A O. for Oxley. 3 Adam Burdess, 2156: a fusee movement, missing the balance cock, with a split-bimetallic balance, jewelled to the four top  pivots and with a modified Bosley regulation, the size 16 frame stamped JW for Wycherley.  4 H.J. Norris, Coventry, 40553: a going-barrel movement with false fusee, split-bimetallic balance and traditional Bosley  regulation, signed by the maker around the seconds dial.  Henry John Norris is recorded at 33, Hereford Street, Coventry from circa 1878 until 1886, and then at Hertford Works, Union  Street, from 1887 on.  5 Jonathan Stilwell, Chapel Fields, Coventry, 27601: a fusee movement, finely engraved cock, steel three-arm balance,  modified Bosley regulation with raised silvered quadrant, the size 12 frame stamped WB.  6 A.H. Drinkwater, Coventry, Manufacturer, 14617: a fusee movement with a finely engraved cock, a split bimetallic  compensating balance, traditional Bosley regulation with Coventry four-arrows mid-point mark to the index, the size 16 frame  stamped JW for Wycherley. Alfred Henry Drinkwater is recorded at Jedburgh House, Butts, Coventry from circa 1887.  7 R. Wright & Co, Manufacturers, 16386: a fusee movement with a steel three-arm balance and traditional Bosley regulation  with Coventry convict-arrow mid-point mark to the index, with the dust cap stamped for Furneaux.  Richard Wright is recorded as a Watch Manufacturer at 23, Mount Street, Chapel Fields, Coventry.  8 J. Fennell, Coventry, 81904: a fusee movement with an engraved balance cock, the dial signed Manufactured by J. Fennell,  Coventry. (Not illustrated)  9 A Coventry ¾ plate engraved J.W. Reeley & Sons, London & Liverpool, Established 1790. 71754. Manufd. By Richardson,  Coventry. Trade mark Registered. Stamped with a lion trademark, the inside of the plate stamped A.C.R.  James Richardson is recorded at Percy House, Percy Street, Coventry from circa 1878 and then Carlton House, Holyhead Road  in 1880 before finally at 14, Norfolk Street in 1882, the year he registered his Lion trademark, and where he died in 1901.  10  A Coventry ¾ plate engraved Made by A.H. Read, Works Hill St, Coventry, 147102. A. Read is recorded working at Hill Street, Coventry in 1871 where he had two large workshops; one for making movements and  the other for stamping out gold & silver watch case blanks.  Click on Image to Enlarge
6  Drinkwater plate
7  Wright
9  Reeley
4  Norris
10 Read
4  Norris Dial
1  Burdess, 16653
2  Burdess, 25327 plate
2  Burdess, 25327
3  Burdess, 2156
6  Drinkwater
5  Stilwell
8  Fennell
8  Fennell plate
8  Fennell Dial